August 15, 2011

15, 13 and 13

are we the luckiest ever?

a sweet special someone 
delivered the most generous, wonderful
little surprise in the mail

that would be a $$ filled envelope marked for 

holy clothes-a-thon, batman!
is this for real?

after picking up our jaws off the ground
and one phone call graciously showering thanks
profusely we planned out our big day.

we knew we had to head to the big city.  

are you ready for us?

...away we went.

it was a day filled with dressing rooms,
deciding and purchasing.  
it was a total group effort

and a perfect mix of 
forever 21 
abercrombie and fitch
to name just a few.

oh what a day.

here is the final product:

you be the judge...

jack britt hs
john griffin ms

team brookes is in town




i guess i should thank my lucky stars
my kids still humour me
and let me take photos of them
prancing around the backyard
with their new digs on.

i'm sure someday,
they'll be embarrassed by their dear old mom.

but for now,
grateful for the girls i have.

so what'd you think?


  1. What gorgeous Super Models you have! Who was the generous doner?

  2. Okay, I want an Auntie or a Grandma like that! Well, any donor would do actually. LOL Love all the outfits they picked. They are definitely ready for school. We hit Urban Outfitters a couple weeks ago for a few items. It is still so darn hot here, wasn't much point in buying for fall just yet! However, dress code is saying fall!!!