August 12, 2011

friday eye candy: mens suiting

do we not love our men in a suit?

not sure about you,
but my guy is either in his work uniform
(go navy)
or in his workout clothes,
the fitness machine he is.

oh boy,
mr. man had to step
up his game.

recent on-the-job travels have opened up the 
doors o' fashion for 
him and his suit section of his closet 
which is currently housing very fashionable,
circa 1995 suits and ties to match.

latest home project:
was in full operation.

this was the look i was going for...


then i get this
ad from
banana republic

hot diggity,
mad men.

 my work was done.

 can't go wrong
  clean lines

 slim fit



what do you think?
thanking on-the-job travels.


  1. I saw that line yesterday. While I am loving the clean sleek lines, I cannot stand when men's suit pants are too short!

  2. A nice FITTED suit is absolutely key--I couldn't agree more! Love them on guys. (My guy mostly, of course.) Now, ME in a pantsuit is a different story...I look like a clown. Thanks goodness my interview days are over. :)

  3. My H wears a suit to work often. He almost looks to good to send to work! I picked up most of his suits at Marshall's and Nordstrom Rack. I've found Hugo Boss and Calvin Kein suits at Marshall's for him. Can't beat the price or the quality.