August 30, 2011

headbands and feathers and jewels, oh my!

what do you get
when you add 
the weekend before school starts,
a wide open saturday,
and one trip to hobby lobby.

new hair accessories,
of course.

check out what 
two of the three 
came up with.

 which is your fave?

anything fun your kids come up with
waiting for school to start up again?


  1. okay what is hoppy loppy???? love them all. will show eva later today. ox

  2. How creative! Feathers are all the rage right now!

  3. I like the button one. We don't have a Hobby Lobby, but love the concept that they are closed on Sunday's so their employees can go to church.

  4. Oh so cute! I like the fabric-wrapped headband. We're finally getting a Hobby Lobby here (about 40 minutes away). I do love that store.