August 17, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday: hello stripes

thought i forgot about 
wardrobe wednesday,
did you?

i didn't

denim: gap
striped shirt: F21
my new fave 24 inch silver chain with triple ring pendant: targ


wwww is back.

hope you all have a great wednesday.

off to go ice skating with the girls
for a last ditch effort of fun
before school starts.

how do you spend your last days 
before sending your beloved  kiddo 
off to another school year?


  1. the hair !!!! have fun. we are heading to city today only 1.5 weeks left. boo.

  2. How cute are you! I too love the hair!!

  3. golly. thanks ladies. little did you know i'm collecting photos of short sassies. want to chop it all off...check out my pinterest 'short sassy do's' to chime in. would love both your opinions. thanks for the comments.