August 18, 2011

8 weeks in fayetteville

we've been here in 
just shy of 8 week.  

now i understand it's no
washington dc
my beloved san diego.

but here is my 
top 5 
reasons why
my little fayettie is carving out
 quite the place in my heart.

1.  when i take my daily morning
jaunt around the hood
at o'dark thirty in the morn.
each and every single driver who passes me
also gives me a morning wave.
can you say southern hospitality?
love a morning waver...

2.  the brand spanking new library
just down the street.
oh how i love thee

and your brand new smell

3.  the lovely
produce stand 
on the way to the library.

who doesn't love locally grown produce?

not to mention
paying it forward 
to a local homegrown business.

3.  my little fayettie is
teaching the heathen west coast family
some old fashioned manners.
my girls are quickly learning that 
a good old fashioned
"yes, ma'am" 
"yes, sir"
is a good thing around here.
even momma is learning.

4.  we live in the absolute best
neighborhood of all time.
plenty of:
cul de sacs
unfenced back yards
with just enough humidity to make
it some good 
sweaty fun.

gates four
kids unite!

5.  my front porch 

back deck


perfect to
reflect on how lucky i am
to have been given this opportunity.
after completing this little list,
i realize the things that fill me
are the simplest things
in life:
a welcoming, warm environmnet,
a good book,
fresh food,
the sounds of my kids enjoying the moment
and a spot to enjoy it all.

God is good.


  1. Oh, Yes! You're a lucky girl.
    God is in every single detail you mentioned here and all over your garden, so your life is blessed.
    Now, about your comments:
    sorry about my rusty english, but I'm sure you'll understand this - your comments make me soooo happy, I'm still smiling. Thank you so much!
    Big hugs to you!

  2. So glad your family is loving your new home. I'm sure our paths will cross in the near future. I love NC as well

  3. There is nothing like summer enjoyed outside and it sounds like the girls are learning about neighborhood, neighbors and fresh air enjoyed in your own backyard. How sweet.

  4. So glad you are feeling at home here in the South. I'm right there with ya, I'll take the simple things, please and thank you!!!

  5. Glad your settling in. I know how you love a good library.

  6. I have never been there....I will have to make it there someday. :)


  7. That's a nice view from the porch. Sometimes we complicate things, but appreciating these things is really where it's at. Miss you, friend!


  8. wow. you got it girl. thanks for writing such wonderful words of wisdom. needed to hear that. ox