March 17, 2010

Black Barn Vineyards

I absolutely love this site.

Black Barn Vineyards

This is a website that highlights a small vineyard
with 12 luxury resort accommodations on site
(only catch's located in New Zealand)

They boast of wine tasting, Saturday morning growers' market,
and even evening concerts at the country amphitheater.

I encourage you to peruse the retreats and dream. It is delightful.
Don't forget to check out the fabulous veranda's overlooking the countryside...
perfect with your favorite book or a glass of wine.

Enjoy the view and let me know what you think.


  1. You up for taking a dual fam trip to New Z? They have one retreat with 8 rooms!

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  3. Sorry for deleting the above message but I realized it was under my son's account. I opened an account & now my message I deleted.
    Have you been here? It is absolutely beautiful! I would love to go someday. So I need to start saving now :)