March 11, 2010

What is your landscape style?

Ah. So many landscape styles to chose from.
As in everything, our styles change, evolve and grow with us.

Check out these different landscape looks.
Which fits your personality?

I know so much depends on the house you live in,
not to mention where in the world you call home.

If you could start from scratch and design your ideal outdoor space...
What would it look like?

Have fun with this...
and don't forget to give me all the details

New York Urban


Rooftop Urban



English Garden


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1 comment:

  1. Wendy, definitely right that your style evolves over time. Soil, water, climate conditions play into what you can plant too. Lucky for me, the NW is the perfect climate for planting so many things. I love the rooftop urban and the modern and have learned to scale back on my love for all plants. I now try to repeat plants as much as possible for max. impact. This year will be the year of produce in my garden though, changes will abound. I plan on tucking blueberry bushes around the grasses, planting an italian plum with herbs afoot. In the back, a full blown veg. garden in the patio surround planter. If I had to do it from scratch, I would go for the rooftop urban though!