March 3, 2010 unspoken list

We all have our routine.
We do things daily...without fail.

We don't even think about these things...we just do them.

Here is a LIST of things
I find myself doing day in and day out:

...I thank God for my life

...I tell my husband I love him

...I squeeze my children with all my might

...I drink a cup of coffee in the morning

...I make sure I shower

...I smoosh my dog while he is trying to rest

...I talk to my sister-in-law in Seattle
(*multiple times a day, actually)

...I check my Facebook page

...I visit the dishwasher

...I listen to music

...I read a handwritten letter from my husband waiting for me each morning

...I waste valuable time on the computer

...I make my bed and stack my pillows...all 6 of them

...I call my sweet mom

...I check my bank balances

... I think of my friends and family back home in SD

...I take a nap

...I read my book before my nap

...I say my prayers after I shut off the light

...I brush, floss and swish

...I check my agenda, then I check it again

...I wipe and rewipe all counter tops in the kitchen

...I check my email

...I read the newspaper

...I go for a run

...I watch Access Hollywood on my DVR with my three daughters

...I add a new tidbit to this blog

...I divvy out chores to the minors living in my home

...I shuffle my to-do list

...I thank God for the life he gave me and the people in it.

What is something you do day in and day out?


  1. Wendy, we have almost exact parallel days, that is why we would do so well together if anything every happened to our spouses. Where was it that you wanted to retire again? Also, I would have to add sniffing armpits to the list instead of reading a handwritten note from my husband. That's right, I am still an armpit sniffer. Done it to my kids since they were little.

  2. Heath, I'm laughing heartily right now. Can't relate to sniffy armpits, but I do confess to smelling my children's head each and every time I hug them...still do to this day. I should add that.
    I do sniff new books, too.

    Love you, girl. We are so compatible.

  3. HI Wendy,

    I do many of the same things that you do. But one thing that I have to do each day is check the checking account online.

    On a different note, are you missing working? I guess your blog's keeping you out of trouble. 8~)

    Enjoy the food for thought,

  4. Hi Wendy,

    I meant to say that I'm enjoying the food for thought that you write about.


  5. Lisa,
    Thank you for the email. Yes, I should have noted that I DO check my online finances on a DAILY basis. Good one.

    So happy you not only reading the blog, but enjoying it. Love any and all comments as well as suggestions! Keep them coming, Lisa.

    I do miss subbing only because I taught at the girls school, was very familiar with the staff and their friends. Looking into getting back into it...just hard with Michael being on the watch schedule at the Pentagon. Coo coo hours.

    How about you?

  6. I love this list. It's a great idea! i may have to add it to my 52 lists project.

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