March 18, 2010

Favorites: Four Legged Friends

My goal with this blog is to promote good things.

Home Interiors.
Harmonious Family Habits...
All while keeping it simple.

One of those things, I believe, that enrich our lives,
actually extend it to be more precise, is being a dog owner.

Of course we all have our favorite breeds.
Mine just happens to be

The German Short-haired Pointer

Homer is our dog (pictured above).
He loves bananas, long walks and a good rub down.

He helps me to stay in shape, as he likes his daily walks.
He greets me when I come home.
He doesn't care how I look...make up or not.
He only requires one meal a day...
and it is the easiest meal of the day to prepare (scoop and pour)

Here are some more pictures of my favorite breed:

Okay, I also like Great Danes...

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What is your favorite breed?


  1. I just now found this blog and i thinks it's pretty cool. I am kind of partial to my GSP/Great Dane mix. Her name is Poptart Lucy and she is full liver with just a few white flecks of ticking. Now the crazy part is she LOOKS full GSP BUT she's HUGE (85+ lbs of her at 9 mos. old and still GROWING!) and a breed typer is certain she has Great Dane because typically GSP females stop at about 60 lbs. This girl is STILL GROWING, but she's awesome and we rescued her so we wouldn't trade her for the world!!!

    1. onnica,
      i think i would LOVE a great dane/gsp mix. that might be my dream dog. your dog sounds perfecto!

      thanks for your comment.