January 25, 2011

5 Friends

Five Friends

Five friends I think about every day.

Let me give you a little background here.

I have decided these five items have become my friends
because I have a goal, you see.

I am very goal oriented,
if you want to know the truth.

let me tell you about my goal.
Retract, let me show you my goal.

This is the new

Normally, I'm not the most gadget-y gal.
But I made one mistake, one fatal mistake.

I went to the Nook station at
Barnes & Noble
to take a little looksie.

Uh oh.
Danger zone.
Turn back!

Too late.

I was sold.

And when I found out that the Nook has an e-reader contract
with all Public Librarys across our great nation.
That's right all my fellow readers out there.

Not to mention this little e-reader is in FULL color
it has wi-fi.
Need to check email? Facebook? Your fav bloggie?
You have arrived, my friend.
This has it all.

Needless to say, meet my new goal:


why haven't I up and bought it yet?

I've got to save for it.
(remember that goal oriented part?)
This bad boy ain't cheap,
but I do believe it's well worth the $249 (ouch!)

So, back to the reason I'm telling you about my 5 friends...
These 5 friends are going to be good to me to meet my goal.
They will make me money and save me money.

Friend #1:
The public Library
I've mentioned this guy before but I can't deny my love affair with him.
This guy will help me utilize my future new e-reader without breaking the bank.
I will save money and prevent from spending money when I spend more time here.
Who doesn't love that deal?

Friend #2:

This is the greatest invention since sliced bread.
I'm sure most of you know the value of this bad boy.
If you have not met him, please, please, please
familiarize yourself with him.
He will not only make you lots of moolah,
but de-clutter your cabinets, closets and life.

Anything that is easily shippable AND has a brand name
is even more friendly to this guy.
Get to know him!

Friend #3:
Mr. Craig and his famous list

See Friend #2 for easily shippable items.
This guy is for the big, bulky and "too much hassle" to ship.

furniture, appliances, wall mirrors.
You get the picture.

Smaller audience than Friend #2 but just as valuable for
making and saving money.
Plus, it's environmentally sound
(ahh, you can sleep a little better knowing you are
recycling good stuff to people who need it for cheap prices.)

Friend #4:
Home Made Lunches

Paying for lunches out can be a serious money pit.
If small people in your house pack lunches,
and big people in the house pack lunches this
can add up to oodles and oodles of money saved.

*Just make sure you've got good and healthy stuff to pack in those lunches.


Friend #5:
Still thinking about this one.
Thought you people out there in cyberland
might be able to help me out.

What is your favorite friend (method)
that helps save or earn you cold hard cash-ola?


I'm all ears.

Can't wait to hear your ideas.


  1. Kind of along the lines of homemade lunches....don't go out to dinner...cook at home!
    And for those military families go to the commissary if you don't plan for that and you use the local stores (Ralphs.Vons etc.) you are paying too much. The commissary is a GOOD perk and worth the time and effort to get there :)

  2. We have saved a ton of money eating dinner in this month. We were eating lunch and dinner out, but as a new year's resolution decided to quit. I cannot tell you how much we've saved this month and it feels great! Menu planning! I just started menu planning and it is also a great time/money saver. By the way....I got a nook color for Christmas and LOVE IT. I am addicted.

  3. stopping by from thifty decor chick and adding you to my reader because i also stated my blog when we moved across the county (but in the other direction.... new york to tucson), and needed a creative outlet! i'm looking forward to reading along :)

  4. My friend #5 would have to be cleaning houses. I don't have a nook, but it's how I'm able to have my House Fund. It keeps me busy and moving. I realize it's not a realistic friend for someone with kids, but we're DINKs so it works. I'm your newest follower and I'm so excited to be here. Would love if you stopped by LittleGirlTiffanyBlue.blogspot.com!

  5. I am your newest follower via Thrifty decor Chick :)
    We save So much money packing lunches and being creative with our dinners during the week. I wnat that NOOK -definitely will be saving for that!

  6. I had no idea they had a deal with the library worked out! I never thought I would use one of those until I read our last book club book on a Kindle and I actually prefer it.


  7. I want that nook now that I know they have deals with the library too! Maybe I should start a nook fund!
    Also, stopping by from thrifty decor chick. I will have to start following! I also submitted to be featured!