January 11, 2011

Home Work Supply Station

The Brookes household has had a
designated "homework" space for
many a moon around here.

When the girls were itty bitty,
I knew if I made an organized work space
in the highest traffic area of the home,
I could supervise their work,
throw them a healthy snack,
then reward them with Barney and a cookie.

Barney doesn't have the same reward effect any more,
but the homework supply station is still alive and kicking.

Take a looksie:

Picked up these bad boys at Wallie for added tidiness.

This is an easy go-to drawer that sits just above our
Homework Cabinet.

This blue bin was purchased at Targie probably 10 years ago.
Still doin' it's job.

Don't forget those much needed white boards.

Perhaps my bins could be a tad cuter
and I could label each bin with some color coded laminated labels...
Hmmmm. Do I need to run to Targie again?

How do you organize your home work stations?

As always,

for visiting.


  1. Thanks, S. You know I love a good day of organizing.

  2. i just enjoyed reading this post. need to learn more oh wise one. . .