January 31, 2011

Morning Notes

This is what waits for me each morning,
most mornings,
mornings that hubs heads off to his
highly secretive,
national security,
very intense navy work.

He gives himself weekends off.

From the Hubs.

I look forward to these notes.
I revel in these notes.
Sometimes I pour my coffee, sit down and
get comfy before I read my note.

Can you say delayed gratification?

You see.
My guy is a man of few words, a quiet guy.
Most who know him would agree.

Not so quiet.
Yes, it is true.
Opposites attract.

I guess that's why I feel like we are approaching veteran married-dom
with going on 19 years under our belt.

Mr. Man has written me notes since the day we met.
I fell in love with my man because of these notes.

This is the hand written letter, not even a note,
when he asked me for a second date.

I guess he thought it was easier to pen a letter
(on fancy, shmancy yellow stock legal pad),
stick a stamp on it and send it through
the good old US mail service than pick up the phone and
have a little chat
with miss chatty (that's me).


It worked.

Oh, I got that letter and you better believe
I went out on that second date.

You see.
Mr. man is gifted with the pen.

He is funny, witty, sarcastic and charming.
He was the guy for me.

Little did I realize,
the notes would not stop.

Look at all these notes.
I've saved them all.
Years and years of them.

This is the note he asked me to marry him with.
I was complaining about being chilly on top of the
Space Needle. I wanted get out of the cold.
That is when he pulled out the note...
and the ring!!!

On our wedding day,
the pastor says,
"You may now kiss your bride,"
I went in for the kiss.

Not so fast soon-to-be Mrs. Brookes.
Another note.
I had no idea.
But what about that kiss?
I read my note.
I think I cried.

Then I went after that kiss.
It was even better after I read my note.

So this was the note this morning.

Much like the rest,
although now there are two notes.

The girls get a note now.
How cool is that?
(Mr. Man started writing them once they could read.)
It's usually a limerick.

The second note,
the one below,
is for me,
little old me.

So why am I telling you all this?

The Navy takes Mr. man away from us at times.
Sometimes it's on a boat.
Other times it's to far away dangerous places.

Mr. Man is a good Navy man and goes where they tell him.

I will miss my notes when he is away from us.

Emails aren't the same as my morning notes.

I will


Thanks for letting me share this special
little thing we do in our home.


  1. This is the most precious thing I've ever seen! I write notes to my fiance all the time, but nothing like this. That is remarkable!:)

  2. Honey,
    That was a very nice; I, too, enjoy reading your notes (posts). As for the notes I write, they are easy to craft given the richness of our family life. Love, M

  3. oh my goodness...
    you two are the cutest couple EVER!! i love your blog and absolutely love that you shared so many beatiful comments about your hubby.
    Michael, I am so proud of you for reading your wife's blog! Good for you!
    I am so new to blogging...and I have to leave my blog open just for my hubby to read it.
    Your letter writing reminds me of a GREAT book called: The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright. Great book...if you are a reader.