January 18, 2011

Ice Ice Baby


This is me
at o'dark thirty
taking pictures of
why Fairfax County Schools
are closed today.

This is what our window looked like.
this is not a "rain effect"
window panel.

Goodness me.

As you know,
the Brookes fam
is NOT, I repeat,
veterans to this
winter wonderland.

See that shiny street?

that one there.

That's a whole lot of ice ice baby.

Not good for taking Homer for his morning business.

Also not good for drivers coming home from work
after working all night long.

This is what car looked like when hubby came home
from night shift.

Can you say
freezing rain?

The good man I married grabbed the
handy dandy snow shovel
and got to work right away on the driveway.
What a good man I've got.

Did I mentioned he's been at work all night?
Really hard, intense, national security work.

Boy, do I love that guy.

I know,
all my sunny San Diego friends
keep telling me about their 80 degree days.


Leave a comment and tell me how deeply you feel for the
icy people on the East Coast.


  1. We've had a snowy,icy winter in NC. So ready for a little bright, warm sunshine. Thrilled to find your blog...it's wonderful!!

  2. Well you now have a good excuse to stay inside and watch movies, read, craft, scrapbook, sew, blog, cook some soup, drink hot chocolate .... I kind of like those days. Snuggle up and stay warm....

    Madeline and Ben just left for school shorts, t-shirt no jackets, it isn't winter here : )

  3. yikes. our weather in chicago is somewhat like that but now it's snowing again, so maybe the ice will be less slick. be safe! i really enjoy your blog btw!

  4. Looks like you all got more ice than we did in Arlington or maybe I'm just thinking that because I don't want to go out and scrape away at the ice ;)! Glad you stopped by my blog, always nice to know local blogs! Stay warm!

  5. I'm so glad I made your day. :) Your sweet comment made mine. Enjoy the cold! I'm missing it down here in Texas. Seriously, I am. It's our first winter without snow.

  6. I'm not a fan of icy rain, unless I get a day off from work and get to stay home all day. Then I'm good with it. That's pretty slick stuff though.

    Love the new blog look!