January 19, 2011

DIY gone wrong...very wrong

See those adore

Yeah, those.
On top of the mantel.

Much like this pair of white vases
atop this sleek, smooth white sofa table?

You see,
these started out as my original inspiration.

I was thinking
Johnathan Adler
meets Nate Berkus.

As always,
thinking of ways to cut costs,
I pulled out my always-on-hand
can of spray paint and pulled my
fav accessories for a little
home decor color
spruce me up.

I just wanted a quick little face lift to
my already
fond-of pieces.

Easy, you would think.

Not so fast, my friend.

Little did I know,
that freezing cold conditions out here in DC-land
is not kind to any spray paint project at the moment.

After the fact, I realized that
under 50 degrees is not an ideal temperature to be
spray painting in your garage in between
segments of Access Hollywood.

I know.
I should have know.

Only problema I have now,
what to do?

Check out my dilemma.

So much wrong with this picture:
paint not even,
paint not thorough,
looks horrible, awful, icky, bad,

The optimist in me leads me to my next question:
Where is my lemonade in this?

Taking suggestions.
Be gentle.


  1. I think Censational Girl posted something about the in's and out's of spray painting. Following the temperature directions was one of the directions...she had some suggestions for fixing spray paint jobs gone ary. I think it involves waiting until it warms up, everything is dry dry dry, and some sanding. Sorry to hear your project didn't turn out how you wanted.

    oh and Madeline's sign Sandy Toes (for beach theme) not Fancy Toes...it wasn't pictured well

  2. I love it! I think it looks great! I never would have noticed had you not pointed it out. I think it gives it that rustic feel, I like it I think you did a great job!

  3. Madison, what a nice surprise to see you here. I hope to see more of you. You are my girl. Love you.

  4. Hmm. I'm with Madison! I think it looks great. It might not be what you were originally going for, but I think it looks really great and kind of antique.

  5. Brittany. You again? What a surprise. SO happy to have you back. Again...star struck, slightly.

    Thanks for your kind words.

    you are right on...no painting in under 50 degree weather. Now I know. Lesson to self.

    For now it still sits right in the kitchen bothering no one but me.

    Have a great day, ladies.

  6. This made me laugh--I check the weather every day, hoping it will be warm enough to go outside and paint some furniture! No luck yet. I have big hopes for March!