January 25, 2011

What Would Wendy Wear? aka: WWWW

"What Would Wendy Wear?"

I do realize no one is actually asking me this question...
I just liked the alliteration,
and it's a new section of the blog.
Work with me, here.

Ruffled sweater-Steinmart
Black skinnies-consigned

The mister and I went on our regular day date.
This is definitely one thing I like about his coo coo Navy schedule.
Time off in the day
(yes, this means working during nights,
but we won't talk about that part)

We saw The Fighter.
It's my personal pick to sweep the Oscars.
I do realize no one is asking me my opinion on this, either...

Okay, back to the day date.
Unseasonable chill chill in DC right about now.
That's cold for us San Diego natives.

Had to get out the big guns:
leg warmers.
That's right.
I'm going Jennifer Beals on you.
2011 style

Here I am with my Gap coat,
to prevent frostbite.
I do love me a good toggle coat.

So what do you think of the new
wwww concept?

Tell me what you think...


  1. I hadn't thought of that one! Love it! Great idea for your blog. You got me up to speed on leg warmers and I wear them almost every day.


  2. love the wwww addition...I have a thing for toggle coats as well. Bought 3 at Delias.com ( while shopping for Alexa) on sale for $39 each :-)

  3. Found your blog via Thrifty Chick...I love leg warmers. I have owned many pair over the last few years...when it's cold outside, you can always wear them under boot cut style jeans! C