January 14, 2011

Shower Curtain Slip Cover


I did say,
Shower Curtain Slip Cover.

Let me explain:

Meet my favorite down throw blanket
in the whole wide world.

We have been together for a long, long time.

I think I got it at
a million years ago.

I don't think I paid more than
$10 for it.

You see,
this little down throw is
pure perfection.

Perfect dimensions for ultimate body coverage,
and perfect warmth beyond warmth.

Only one problema:

there is not a single item in my whole entire house
that resembles this color
what so ever!

Clearly, I have color issues in my house.

I digress...
back to the solution.

Decided to simply slip cover my throw and call it a day.

Had a bit of trouble finding the right fabric.
Had to resort to the shower curtain aisle.

Have no fear.
This was not the plastic lined, shower curtain,
just the fabric one
(much like a drapery panel)

See below...
This is what it would look like
as the shower curtain it was intended to be.

Good old Wallie.
You can find it here

No pics of my actual sewing.

Pretty much sew a square sack inside out.

Remember my lack of patterns,
and my carefree "wing-it" mentality?

Wish I had more for you.

Here is my end product, though.

Love, love, love it!

It will work in any common space in my house,
or bedroom.

Yeah for new life in my favorite down throw.


Tell me how you breath new life into your favorite things at home?

As always,

for visiting.


  1. Awesome!! That would match my bedroom... hmmm, not sure if I have time for a fun project but maybe that's exactly what I need!! Thanks Wendy! I love reading all your ideas!

  2. It looks great, is it just as cozy and comfy?

  3. Shannon, I swear it is the same cotton fabric as the original burnt red. All us girls fight over it now.

  4. Hey - thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I'm so glad you enjoy it. :) I do to! haha. Looks like you have a lovely home!

  5. Is there anything better than down? Absolutely not!

    Do you sew ties on the inside corners of your covers? That way it's easier to get the blanket in and it doesn't slip all over the place. I even mark them so I don't get confused about what direction the blanket is going. I think I learned this from Kristy.


  6. H,
    I actually sewed a small one inch back and forth line in each corner adhering the original blanket to the cover (to ensure absolutely NO MOVEMENT of my down comforter, whatsoever). No, you will NOT be able to remove the comforter, but I can just throw the whole darn thing in the wash need be.