February 11, 2011

Day Date with the Hubs

This is for all
you married folk out there...
or soon to married...

Today I'm posting about
good habits in marriage.

One thing I know for sure,
after almost 19 years behind us.
Going on dates with the hubs,
is a good thing.

No matter how long you've been married:
newlyweds or veterans.

Consistent dating is good.

On a date

That's right.

Date your man, peeps.

If he doesn't plan them,
Don't be offended.
YOU plan them.
Or just show up with a bag of food
during his lunch break.
Day date.

It doesn't have to be elaborate
or expensive.

Just make it part of your weekly routine.
(Okay, how about every other week)

Look at it as a parenting plan:
What? You ask.

Teach your kids that dating daddy is the priorty.
That's right...

Attention to your marriage first.
Then to your kids...
Your family life
all stems from the marriage you have.

Someday the kids will fly the coop.
It will just be you and the hubs.
We better like our guys.
Dating is good for that.

Keep it in check.

Hubs and I love our day dates.
We have them often.

They also tend to be less expensive,
and works better with the multitude of
soccer and track practice taxi duties.

More dating...

I can even remember meeting Mr. Man for lunch
a million years ago when the kids were
little itty bitty.
Thats right,
3 kids under the age of 3.
We all met him at work with our brown bag lunch
from our fave sandwich shop.

We set up camp, picnic style
in the parking lot,
the parking lot.
It was actually a little grassy median
off to the side of the parking lot,
under a tree.
Very quaint.

Over the years, more dating

It keeps a marriage strong.

That's my tip of the day:
Date your man!

My guy and I have a day date today.
Whew hew.


  1. Love the back in time pic's!! Don and I need to get out a little more :) We need to make it a priority!

  2. K,
    thanks for the comment. You guys do pretty good, I would count your Friday Night dinners with the N's. There is definite adult time there. Or go out for morning walk or coffee while E is in school.
    You could even share a glass of wine sans kids on your new backyard patio after dinner, just you and D. Let me know if that works for ya.

  3. love this, and totally agree. we're only on our 4th year, but i love our little dates. two nights ago, we just went for a walk together. today, we're both taking our work to a coffee shop to do a date while we work [which is what we did most of our time when we dated... took study dates at a coffee shop].

    i just love our time together :)

  4. Such a sweet--and true--post just in time for Valentine's day. I also enjoyed seeing all of your hairstyles :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. H. and I try to have two lunch dates a week while the kids are in school. Sometimes we even have food.