February 25, 2011

Antlers: welcome white lacquer

One thing I posted
early on
here at Simply Brookes:
was my affinity for antlers

click to check out
Call Me Crazy

Love the look.
Always have.

Got feedback.

I get it.

Not everyone appreciates my
fondness for a buck head on the wall
hovering over your living space
peering into the room.

I do get it.

So then I posted a paper alternative.
Way more politically correct.
Not so scary.

Unique Furniture Find: update

Well, ladies and gentlemen,
(if, in fact, there are any gentlemen
who actually read this little old blog)

I have found an even
(is that a word?)
to my antler affinity.

White Lacquer

This is what I spied
on my latest stroll
Z Gallerie

Have I sold you yet?

Can you just picture it?
The perfect entry piece?
Hanging just right in the living room?
Rec room?

Something tells me not all of you
are going to cross over to the dark side.

That's okay.
I still love them.

Will eventually find the right spot
for one of these bad boys
in my humble abode.

Anyone with me?


  1. I am out! Maybe if I had a modern cabin in the woods but not in my everyday house! Sorry Wendy. :(

  2. Grew up with a deer-head looming over our fireplace for years. We'd put a red light on his nose at Christmas time. The story was my grandfather stole it from a bar back in 1960, not from Z Gallerie! I think his home now is in my parents garage and I believe that is where he will spend the remainder of his taxidermy life!

  3. I'd have to say out... no matter what the material. I'm just not a fan of the look. But I had no doubt you would make it fabulous.

  4. Sorry, I'm not feeling it. That's what makes design so interesting. We all have different tastes. Ballard Design has these all over their magazine, so a lot of people must like them? Cami would like the horse head, but I think it would just end up as a clothes hanger in her room.

  5. i LOVE the skona hem composition and the chandeliers are amazing...

  6. Funny, I have friends that have antlers painted blue in their house. They look cool. They have an amazing house, you would LOVE LOVE IT! And the blue antlers fit right in on the wall next to the fireplace! : )

  7. Thanks for the input, gang. Love all your thoughts.

  8. I love antlers. I have a set of five above a large bookcase in my living area. I believe I am going to get some made of the white lacquer for my office.
    Z-Gallerie has had some great stuff lately. I actually purchased some amazing large white coral there and some curly driftwood.
    Missed the antlers, so I have to go back!