February 4, 2011


That's a big one.

Not sure if we are ready for this
But it's here.

My seat belt is buckled.

Thirteen years ago
we became a family of five

We tipped the scales.
Team estrogen ruled the house
(sorry, honey.)

It happens fast.
They grow up on you.

Not happy about that.
But, oh, so proud.

These girls are diligent.
They are hard workers.

They stand tall.

They love God.

They do their chores.
They still ask my opinion.

They let me smoosh them
and tuck them in.
They tell me they love me.

They even let me hold their hand in public.
(should we not admit that to
lots and lots of people?)

How did we get so lucky?

we love you to no end.

Be firm footed in who you are.
Trust your gut,
and your parents.

Take risks.
Be willing to admit fault
and say your sorry.

Be willing to fight for what you believe
is right and good.

Take the high road,
although it may be lonely at times.

Find good friends.
They last the longest.

Thank you for being our daughters.
Keep up the good work.


  1. Aww Happy Birthday! They are beautiful!

  2. Oh this made me cry! They were so cute and now so beautiful. You have much to be proud of. They are wonderful!
    Happy 13!!!
    Love from,

  3. Thank you ladies for the kind words.
    Your comments are gems to me.

  4. Where has the time gone? That's what I want to know!!?
    Happy Birthday T & T! Glad Madeline has such a good friend...even across the continent :)

  5. Happy Birthday TayTay and Tessy, Love you both, everything your mom said about you is so true. Casey is lucky to have you in her life. Remember even though you are officially teenagers, your mom is still always right.

  6. awww they are beautiful! Wishing them a lovely birthday! Time flies.. why do our children have to grow up??? WaaahhhH!

  7. Honey, nicely put. Watching how our gonna-be teenagers are growing up leaves me very proud but also a little sad (where have my girlies gone?).

  8. Aw, I love this post. Loving my fantastic nieces til no end. All three are lovely lovely girls, I miss them so much.
    Happy Birthday lady teens!

  9. Oh what a good post. Your daughters are so beautiful, may they continue to grow as sweet girls!