February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Happy V-Day to you!

Not sure about you,
but Valentine's Day
"Brookes style"
usually involves
home made:

home made cards,
home made food,
home made celebration.

As you can see from last year,
I do not tell a lie.

This is what the girls and I woke up to this morning.

4 Valentines Day cards
our coveted morning note.

That's bonus noteage around here.
(Did I just make up a word?)

What a good man.

Made one of our favorite dinners last night,
Roasted Paprika Chicken
(you can find the recipe in this post,
if you are interested)

Then the fam enjoyed some
after-dinner, fresh from the oven,
warm sprinkle brownies
especially made by teenage daughter.

Can you say "hit"?
Because they were.

Simple chocolate goodness.


As you can see,
we ate them so fast,
I didn't even have time
to get a "before" picture.

That's okay.
You get the gist.

So where's
the romancy-schmancy part on
the biggest "love" day of the year?

Hubs and I might have snuck in a bubble bath
after the family soccer game in the park and
before mamma made dinner.
Don't worry.
That's all the detail you will get on that one.

So that was it.
No real hoopla, but plenty of goodness.

Now let me hear about YOUR V-day?


  1. Sounds like a good one to me!

    The boys and I made birdseed heart shaped ornaments to our friends for Valentines day... made some personal drop offs and their homes! We also went to our vday cookie decorating party with our playgroup!

    I think that's fabulous about your hub's notes... I think my husbands hand would fall off if he had to write more than a few words... maybe he'll text? ;)