February 8, 2011

Recommended Read

I am a lover of books.

( I know I'm repeating myself here)

Always have been.
Used to L-O-V-E when I'd get
dropped off at the library
and get to stay for hours
when I was a kid


Today, I will admit,
I face some serious distractions
that take me away from my long
list of

The Bachelor
American Idol
House Hunters International

I digress.

I want to share with you a great book
I just finished.

No, I'm not talking about this one:

But you can find out more about
Dave Ramsey
and his
Total Money Makeover

*Doing pretty good with this guy's plan,
by the way.

The book I'm talking about is:

The Chosen
Chaim Potok

I friend recommended this classic.

By the way,
the friend who recommended it is probably
one of the biggest readers I know.
She is never distracted by those silly shows on
the talking box because she doesn't watch one!

Avid, avid reader, she is.

So when I posed the question,
"What is one of your top contemporary reads of all time?"
I knew it was going to be good.

This is what she recommended.

She did NOT disappoint.

This book bought me back to my college days,
of deep thinking and big ideas.
It's heavy peeps.
But heavy in a good, good way.
It has thought provoking timeless themes such as,
and coming of age.

Takes place in Brooklyn, New York,
circa 1940's.
Two 15 year old boys
living in a Jewish neighborhood.
I won't say anymore...

I encourage you to pick it up.

The last few page are endearing,
tearful and heartfelt.
Grab that box of tissues.

Reader friends,
I highly, highly recommend it.

Please do let me know what you think,
if you, indeed, pick it up.
Or even if you've already read it...
would HEART your thoughts.

As always,


  1. i *love* the chosen. great great book. i read it in college... my university had a judaic studies dept and i read it in a secular judaism course.

    i'm currently reading "even silence has an end." i'm not usually a big fan of non-fict, but this one is intense. it also really makes you think. :)

  2. I love your blog!! I always look forward to reading it. My husband is also a proud USN officer even though he is retired for 3 years now. I know you already know this most likely but "The Chosen" was made into a movie starring Robbie Benson.