February 1, 2011

Cane Chairs

Element of Nature

That's right.

A good old

Cane Chair

I love what a pair of those
guys will do to a room

Emily Gilbert Photography
Turquoise House

David Jimenez
Decor Pad

Nate Berkus' Breakfast Room
Spots and Stripes

Cote De Texas

What do you think?


  1. Love them, but where are your cane chairs?

  2. I love them! I grew up with 2 in my living room. When it came time to sell the family house, I sold them at a yardsale for 10 bucks. Aagh. 5 yrs later I saw MY CHAIRS in a shop window. I considered it providence, but when I told the shop keeper and asked if I could buy them back she said NO. I think I've been on a quest ever since!

  3. Anna, Love that story. I am wishing your chairs and you meet up again. Thanks for visiting and thanks too, for the comment. LOVE THOSE.