February 23, 2011

WWWW on Thursday

This is what you wear
when the weather turns
the entsiest, weenstiest
bit warm and sunny
when all you can think
about is winter going away,
far, far away.

Anything that says "spring".

I had to dig way, way back in the depths
of my closet which
brings me to my first problem.

Exhibit A:

wrinkles galore

Sorry peeps.
In my utter excitement I threw caution
to the wind, donned my outfit and was
ready for the exciting day of
middle school store volunteer.

Yes, I am revealing the exciting life I lead.

Needless to say,
I strutted those wrinkles like there was no tomorrow.

Next time,
I might grab the iron.

No telling...


  1. Wendy, I thought we had to ditch our gouchos? I still have mine, because I love them so much, but haven't worn them for a couple of years. Are you saying I can bring them out again? BTW,no spring here, another snow day in Seattle. UGH!

  2. H,
    This is a different pair. Found them in a consignment shop. When I did come downstairs that day, my daughter did let me know that "gauchos were way out, mom". Me and my wrinkled "gauchos" forged on...

  3. I'm ready for spring and spring clothes too! I am hoping winter is almost over in NM....if so we were lucky to have a very mild one. I was wandering about gauchos too...they were really comfortable to wear.