April 29, 2011

Friday Eye Candy: Royal Wedding

You know it.
We woke up at 4am.

Had to be at a party...

this party...

Thank goodness all we had to do was
roll out of bed in our jim jams,
throw on a hat and head out our back patio
to our fantastic neighbor's back porch.

This was waiting for us.

Cucumber mint sammies
(no crust, of course)
Fresh Strawberries
Proper English Clotted Cream
*We humbly donated the Scones

Look at the glasses placed on the leaf?
So cute...

Miss Christin explains the food and beverage options.
Love her.

We weren't the only early risers.
This is Yvette.
She drove all the way down from Connecticut.
She wouldn't miss this shin dig!

Look at my girls.

Their first Royal Wedding.

We hung on every word...

And oh, that dress!
Still can't decide which I like better,
or Pippa's?

Donning hats,
sans make-up,
in jams.

A parting gift even?

Stop it...
Who's the best?

Miss Christine!

Tell me how you experienced the
Royal Wedding...

Will + Kate = TLA

1 comment:

  1. Such a sweet memory they'll have with you! And what a gorgeous wedding!