April 11, 2011

Guest Room Part 2

This is Guest Room
Part 2.

If you missed part 1,
here it is...

That was our way of
making grandma
(our very first house guests)
feel welcomed,
and very much honored.

Now that we are a bit more seasoned
with prepping our guest room,
here are a few more tips
to extend that welcome even further.

Fresh flowers
Alarm Clock
Empty drawers
(okay, only 2, but that's something, right?)

a pair of generic readers
for the +40 crowd

Mirror for sprucing up.

Wish I would have thought of this one
a long time ago...
guest book.

How much fun would that have been
to have started this way back when,
spanning all
all our guests over the years,
and all our duty stations?

Better late than never, right?

Hand written welcome note

"welcome to dc"

Uncle Mike and Aunt Les
adult version:
mags, cliff bars, water, granola

Izzie and Little A
kid version:
DC coloring books, new box of crayons,
sidewalk chalk, candies, bottle of water.

I think the candy in the baskets was the biggest hit.

So if you haven't seen me for a while,
I'm off making family memories
with my peeps.

Tell me ways YOU welcome lay down the welcome mat...


  1. Those welcome baskets are awesome. I bet people LOVE staying at your house!

  2. Wendy, adorable. I love the baskets! Where did you get those? I might have to copy for an Easter basket version? You are so thoughtful to your guests. I love visiting you. When can I come out?

  3. What a great idea with the baskets! Who wouldn't want to stay at your house!

  4. Love the welcome baskets.
    Lovely post, your guests must be delighted.