April 27, 2011

www: on the run, anyone?

This is what happens
when you are on the run...

a shot of you and your sis-in-law
cruddy workout clothes.

Lululemon ain't so cruddy.

Tell me your fave clothes
to work out in.

Would love to hear...


  1. You and Leslie look so cute! Very stylish and fit! My favorite workout gear is my swim suit at the beach playing volleyball with my feet in warm sand. Love Lululemon but not the price tag.

  2. Sorry I'm back. I'm a blogger stalker! I just noticed Leslie's jacket. I have the same one in blue from Costco $22. Love it because it's long enough for a "tallie" like me.

  3. I like Zella pants/shorts/crops, which I have been told (but don't know for sure) is the same material as Lululemon. I got them at Nordstrom, so they weren't cheap...but maybe a little less pricey!

  4. I love my Lululemon crops - amazing and probably worth the price since they're supposed to last five years. But I'm also happy in my $12 Danskins ... and, yes, my Costco jacket! Just got another one in blue - on clearance - for $17! Marshall's is another great place for good workout clothes.

  5. what are you talking about...cruddy? you guys look amazing...AMAZING in your gear.

    i'm all about target that is unless coach dave shares his allowance from nike. lol.