April 19, 2011

House Hunting In North Carolina

Pardon my absence peeps.

The Brookes Fam is off
searching for a place
to live for the
next two years.

here we come.

I'll check back in and
show you what we find!


  1. Good luck finding a new nest. Look forward to reading and seeing all your new adventures:)

  2. I'm sure whatever place you find, you will do a great job of making it your home!

  3. I am a military wife who currently lives in Pinehurst... My husband is stationed at Bragg... I would love to give some tips to you on your house hunting... Look in Southern Pines or Pinehurst! There is a back gate that leads through the post and is about 30 minutes from our door to the hospital. Please feel free to contact me... Nobody told us about this option and I had to find out on my own... Tought I would pass that on. I love Pinehurst and am very thankful to be here rather than Fayetteville.
    Julie... jwohlrab@yahoo.com

  4. good luck!! we are actually moving to the baltimore area, and looking for a place to live, so i feel your pain :)