April 25, 2011

Navy Life and Holidays

The Navy life ain't always easy
around holiday time.

Happy Easter,
by the way.

As you may know,
Mr. Man is working hard at Fort Bragg
doing super secret, long-hours stuff.

He couldn't be with us for Easter
(although we did just have a great
house-hunting week together as a family in NC)

Mr. Man is very sad not to be with his family
on this special holiday.

My big plans, without hubs, you ask?

Church and a movie...

That was, until a dear dear family in our hood,
extended an invitation to join them at their table.

This is the silver lining, gang.

The navy life has brought amazing
people into our lives.

My girls babysit their girls.

Let me introduce you...

I so wish I had a picture of their mom and dad.

Not only did they invite us into their home,
but they have enveloped our family with
repeated hospitality, warmth and
a friendship I know
will go on and on.

For this I am grateful, so grateful.

The girls help with the little ones and their little baskets.

Nice picture, huh?
I got a lot of flack for this one...
thanks girls.

Feel so grateful when my family is taken in and
treated so well.

Little do people know,
the impression it leaves on us.

Happy Easter,
Brookes style.


  1. Beautiful girls and mom! Happy Easter !

  2. What a wonderful post... we were so happy to meet the Brooks Girls...and we love the neighbors and their girls!!! Happy Happy Spring! Hope to see you again some girls weekend in NC?! haha! Best Polly & Molly

  3. Oh man. Pol and Molly! What a joy to see you here! How great would a girl weekend be?

    Thank you for saying hello and visiting me here. Stop by anytime. Again, SO WONDERFUL meeting you.

    The best to you and yours.

  4. love you brookes and heeney families. girls weekend. . .count me in.