April 4, 2011

Navy Life and Your Circle of Friends

One thing I know for sure
the Navy Life
is not always
an easy road.

Sometimes it can be tough
leaving your network of life behind
starting over:

new friends,
new social structure,
new activities,
blah blah blah.

It ain't always easy
being the new gal.

One thing I have found to
be solid and true
revolves around your

Circle Of Friends.

Ladies, this is where your wealth lies.

I feel like the richest gal in the world.

It is my friends
that ground me,
talk me off ledge after ledge,
humble me,
carry me,
support me,
are there for me.

I look to them.
I confide in them.
I revere them.
I value them.
They are worth more to me
then any amount of money or possession.

I will protect them with my last breath.

I know my friends
keep me healthy.
They keep things real.
They put things in perspective.
They tell it like it is.
They put me in my place
(in a good way).

Each duty station our family has lived,
I have been lucky enough to make at least one
great connection.
Those connections don't go away.
Regardless of miles or years,
they become part of my circle.
No one keeps track and we pick up
right where we left off.

Those are the best.

I can only hope that I have given
a fraction of what the amazing ladies
in my circle have given to me
over the years in
friendship and support.

Women are powerful.
But even more powerful in numbers.
Surround yourself with amazing women.
Their gifts are limitless.

Build your circle.
Protect your circle.
Rely on your circle.

I know I have.

Tell me about
your circle...


  1. I couldn't agree more. My sister's husband was in the military for years and she would tell me how hard it was to make friends not knowing how long she'd be around. Now that he is out of the military and they are permanently located she has found her group of friends and I can tell how much joy she finds in that.

  2. Hang in there!!
    Can't wait to visit you in June my "circle friend" !

  3. So true, Wendy...there are military families we've met along the way who have pretty much become family...people you can pick right up with even though you haven't seen each other in a while, people you can call on when you are in need...heck, we even helped deliver a baby when one of our navy friends didn't quite make it to the hospital...and if that doesn't make us family, I don't know what does!

  4. Great great comments, gals. So true to them all!

  5. wow. wow. wow.

    ps. my circle just emailed to mention what a blessing you are.