July 14, 2011

dining room reveal: first look

dining room
fayetteville style

if you know me,
you know,
i'm all about the neutral palette.

not much has changed

check out the chair rail and moldings.
love the southern style

same double leaning mirrors

the windows are great.
they are almost floor to ceiling.

you can't tell,
but the porch is what you spy as you look out the windows,
that, and the black rockers.
lovely for eying the neighborhood foot traffic.

have i mentioned i love this neighborhood?

this is a traditional floor plan.
love the way each room wraps into another.

this is the view looking into the entryway.

you can see the front door
and a teeny peek into the office.

one more angle

view from entry

here is where i need your help:
wall hanging (see above)
drapery panels (see below)

thinking a horizontal broad stripe panel...

let's hear your thoughts...


  1. Love the mirrors, and your table! Beautiful. Courtney (A Thoughtful Place) has horizontal striped curtains she made for her dining room...gorgeous!

  2. i love neutral colors too! thanks for the blog lovin' girl!


  3. I have some wall space to fill on a budget (i.e. $0) so I think I will take apart an old frame/painting I have, and paint the frame. I also have some canvas fabric and I'm going to try to paint some words on that and staple it to the frame. I'll let you know if it works. I was going to get wood to put in the frame, but The Home Depot isn't giving that away for free right now. :-(

    (I figured out how to post comments again!)