July 21, 2011

hand made birthday card

 am i the luckiest mom in the world?

i have a build in hallmark factory
right in my own home.

i made one simple request:
needed a little birthday card 
for a dear friend.

this is what my sweet, talented 
daughter came up with.

i love it.

and i thank you for 
letting me share...

i would like 6 more of the same,

 do i need to open up 
her own etsy account or what?

can you say car fund?


  1. What an adorable card! She is quite talented.

  2. so adorable. She needs to pack her bags and come hang out with me for a week. We could be in craft haven. The cards is really creative and sweet.

  3. Oh, wow! She is sooo talented. Can't wait to see more.


  4. Hey Wendy! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog, and for following me! :) This card is so cute--I think your daughter definitely has an Etsy shop in her future. Her very near future. ;)