July 26, 2011

slightly obsessed: pinterest

i've known about this site for a while.

never bothered to actually head over...

but once i did.


slightly obsessed.

you get to "pin" stuff you like:
cool home interiors,

the options are limitless.

this is from my 'fashion' board
do we not love the casual yet chic look?
see what i mean?

here is another pin.
i want to make these and put them in my house

 love bold stripes.

another pin,
from my indoor/outdoor board.

see what i mean?

idea file

pretty much 
anything you find cool or worthy of pinning.

you can pin anything.  
you can make a board for anything. 

it's like your own personal idea file.

i use to keep this humungo binder of all 
these cool ideas or inspirational looks 
i've pulled out of magazines over the years.

magazines, you ask?
you remember those things we used to 
get in the mail.
they had articles, ideas and glossy ads?

i know.  
they are a dying breed.

well, this is my new and improved humungo binder...
only on my computer.
no ripping pages....
just pins and boards.

if you are interested 
here is a taste of what 

and here are my boards.

you can even click the little red link
if your little heart desires.

we can get inspired together!

it's cool...
and addicting.

so i must
 caution you.
you can get lost here and 
wonder where your time has gone?

never say i didn't warn you...

have fun 
and most definitely
let me know your thoughts.
did you like?
or no go?


  1. That is one thing I haven't joined...I would never get of the thing!! Loving what you've found however.

  2. I agree Wendy, it's very addicting. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment on my herb crates.

    Did you know that you don't have an email attached to your blogger profile? When I tried to reply it showed noreply@blogger.com I did the same thing when I created my blog.

  3. HI, Wendy! I am addicted to pinterest as well. joined about a couple weeks ago. There are so many people that have great inspirational photos and you are one of them : ) I am following you on there as well. Have a great day.