July 13, 2011

3 sisters sitting service: round two.

new neighborhood
3 teenage girls in the summer
not a whole lot on the social calendar


3 sisters sitting service...
round two.

see round one here

having already done this once,
we knew what we were doing.

only this time,
we jazzed it up a bit
with hand made pom poms.

here is the CEO of the company
fast at work

thanks, aunt heathie,
for the pom pom maker.
madison is loving its quick results

we also
streamlined our
wording a bit.

straight to the point,

we made 50 of these badboys.

currently passing them out

beware if you are a

dog walker,
pool mom,
the least bit friendly with children in your vicinity...
pretty much anyone in the hood.

the girls already have high hopes on what
to do with their profits.
they have decided that their
current mode of transportation

(yes, the bikes they've had since
they were in 4th grade)

these are the ones

aren't cutting the
teenage vibe...

they've got their sights set on
the new and improved two wheeled version

hello beach cruiser.

perfect pick for
our relatively flat neighborhood.

i like their thinking
and i'm all about independent women.

would love to hear you ideas on putting
kids to work
come too much down time


  1. Go girlies! Earn those bikes! I like flat roads and fat tires!

  2. This is fabulous! Where have I seen those pompoms lately? I remember making these for our ice skates when we were kids and now they are making a comeback. Was it Anthropology?

    Love your girls names...so cute! I can just see them on cruisers....with pom poms decorating the handle bars!

  3. what kind of bike is that?

  4. not sure what kind of bike, just that it's a cool beach cruiser...i did spy some at, believe it or not, wal mart for about 90 clams. on a teenage budget, that will do.

  5. thanks! Love your blog!

  6. go go brookesies...cheering on the ceo and her executive vps...ox

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! What a great idea for the girls. I have two of my own.