July 6, 2011

found: closet space saver

moving into a new space
sometimes you find yourself being
creative about storage and function

take for instance
closet space

we have unfortunately
been cut one master closet
leaving mr. man and i to
actually share one closet.

i know
not ideal

this has lead us to
stacking and
new ways to store our stuff.

as you already may know,
being organized is definitely my friend.

so here is my
new fandangled solution
to jewelry storage


jewelry display

hanging shoe rack
meet necklaces

stuff i wear most...
convenient grab-and-go

delicate necklaces
get hung on this guy

i am loving the fact that
this takes up no space.
i spent zero on supplies
and it is tres convenient.

what do you think?

any closet space savers
you want to share?


  1. Very clever use of the shoe rack! I love it!! I did a post to show you my storage idea.


  2. love it, mrs. jones. and THANK YOU for the blog mention. so kind. so kind.