July 5, 2011

family room reveal: fayetteville version

okay folks.

here is the
family room reveal:
fayetteville style.

first edition

the family room is way (way) bigger
than my minuscule family room in mclean.

remember this?

furniture was tight,
but i squeezed as much as i could squeeze in there.

we've got a little more leg room.

i even get to use the "big" coffee table
for proper foot propping.

wise landlords installed floor electrical outlets
for optimal lightage placement.
thank you oh wise landlords.
my room arrangement just got a lot easier.

round mirror is just leaning at this point.
remember this is just version 1.
things need to settle before i start nailing

dear friend gave me this jack kerouac quote.
prime family room real estate had to come to action.
propped stately on bookshelf for optimal viewing pleasure.

oh, jack,
well worded my friend.

so what do you think so far?

all i know is
all three girlies complimented the new fam space.


yeah baby.


  1. Congratulations Wendy! I think Version 1 is great. How exciting to have a new place.

  2. Start nailing it looks great!

  3. I love a neutral room, it looks great. I've been scrolling through and catching up on your blog. Love the kitchen too. Hope you'll be happy in your new home.