July 11, 2011

10 days in: move-in complete

it's official.

after 19 years of moving

we have a new record.

10 days after
household goods were delivered
all boxes have been put away,
rooms are complete,
stuff on walls,
junk put away.

yee haw.


not sure why this is so.

three hands-on teenage girls
put us into
hyper speed.

team brookes in full effect.

we clinked our glasses last night
to a collective
job well done.
(3 milks, one wine and one beer)

feels good.

nothing gives you more confidence
than good old fashioned hard work,
and a job accomplished.

not much better than that,
except perhaps this...

...waiting for me
when i woke up

mr. man is back to his
lovely routine.

if you aren't sure what i'm referring to,
see this post.

today is going to be a good day.

all i'm saying.

tell me about the last time you
clinked your glasses in celebration.

cornier the better...
you know me.


  1. Im clinking my coffee cup to the computer to you and the fam. Great job, can't wait to see all the rooms and how you have put the special Simply Brooke's touch on them. I must confess we have a few boxs in the garage that haven't been unpacked from our last move. That was ten years ago! I love the blog face lift too!

  2. Cars in the garage too? That is the true sign that you have settled in. I am impressed with your hard work especially in this heat.

  3. I remember when I got married and my husband and I moved into our home that we live in now. It was pouring down rain and a blast! We were so excited. I told my husband to go get a bottle of wine and let's have a glass or two while we are putting up stuff. He came back 45 minutes later because the town we moved to was DRY!! You know we love our home if we stayed here. :)

  4. Glad to hear it has all come together! Can't wait to see the pic's!

  5. bravo my friend!!! and yes yes pictures please. ox