January 21, 2010

Favorite Freebie...The Public Library

As most of you know me, you know that I love to stretch the old greenback like no other.
I think it might be a secret life challenge of mine to see
how far I can actually stretch it.

I have decided to incorporate my Favorite Freebie of the Week in this blog.
These are the things that help me stretch my dollar,
ground me and ultimately get me back to basics.
Some of these ideas or tips you may already do, some maybe not.
It is my challenge for you to explore these Freebies
and decide if they will work for you, too.


Is it the school teacher in me? Is it the lover of books in me? Who knows.

All I do know is that I have the fondest memories of my mother dropping off at the Public Library as a kid during those long summers and parking myself on the over sized, leather baseball mitt-chair and cuddling up for hours with my pile of books. That might be why I went into teaching to begin with. That or that fact that I love the smell of a new book. Anyone else out there love the smell of a new book? Is that weird? I know Kelly Christensen would agree with me. She was also there next to me in that Chula Vista Public Library with her own stack of books waiting for her turn to sit in the over sized, leather baseball mitt-chair.

I just finished the book The Help, by Kathryn Stockett.

Highly recommend this book for any readers out there. Don't get me started about finding a book club...more on that later.

I hope you utilize your local library. It's usually nearby.
It's a great tool.
And it's FREE!

I heard that reading even might make you smarter. Imagine that.

Your assignment this week...go to your local library and check it out (pardon the pun).
I'd love to hear what some of your favorite reads are. Leave me a comment.


  1. I just discovered your blog...recommended by your friend "Mrs. Jones." :) Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I too think there is nothing like the smell of a new book. Mmmmm! :) Love your blog, by the way! I will definitely be checking back in...

  2. I am a book adorer and one of my favorite places in the entire world is the library. I feel so happy walking out with an armful of new discoveries. My first job, in 4th grade was at the library.

    I read The Help with my book club. It was really great. I don't read a lot of new fiction, so that says a lot coming from me.

  3. Nancy, and Greta,
    I just found both of your comments...hopefully this comment will bounce back to you. Still learning my way around blogging, comments, posts and the such.

    Glad you enjoyed my Favorite Freebie post: The library. I'm thrilled to hear other book/libary lovers out there.

    Currently reading Julie & Julia after seeing the movie...I know the book will not disappoint. Love both.

    Thank you for taking a peek at my little old blog and thank you even more for giving me your thoughts.
    I look forward to more...


  4. I came to your blog via "Mrs. Jones" and I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying reading through your posts! I agree, the Library is the BEST! I also like to stretch a dollar. Your 'daughter of the week' is great too. When I was younger my mom had did this type of thing with me and my sisters and I will carry it on with my daughter and son.

  5. Thank you Bugzmommy for your comment. I'm thrilled you are not only reading my blog, but enjoying it! Thrilled! Yes, library's rock! And Daughter of the Week lives on strong in my four walls. I don't think my idea is original. It's just a win-win for us!
    Checked out YOUR blog as well. Love it! I dabble with my sewing machine but am a very basic sewer (some slipcovers and such).
    Thanks again. Feel free to visit again and comments welcome!