November 16, 2010

Fellow Bloggers...Check This Out!


holiday cards
to all bloggers in blogger land?

Yes, it's true.

I checked it out.

Write +150 words in a blog post
boasting of your favorite
Holiday Card.
Post some of your favs
and, hello,
50 free holiday cards.

With all the expenses of the Holiday season this is one you
will not have to worry about.

Order your favorite Holiday Product.
They deliver it to your home.
Easy, Peasy, Lemon Squeezy.

Say no more.

How's that for a Favorite Freebie?

Even if you aren't a blogger...
take advantage of this great
online, photo sharing website.

I know you've heard of SHUTTERFLY?

Here is some of what
they offer this season:

Flat Photo Cards
You can get this one for as little as
$.44 a card
This one even allows you to offer a small family update

Personalized Calendars
Perfect for Grandma and Grandpa

Even Photo Books
For Around $11.00
Perfect gift for the person who has everything!

This is a great offer for bloggers and even non-bloggers.
Check out their website.

Let me know if you find anything!

As always,

for visiting...


  1. I love the new look of the blog!!!
    I will check the Shutterfly offer out!

  2. Thank you to you both! Now I can't wait to pick out my new shutterfly xmas photo. Already have the family pictures ready.

    K, glad you like the "new" look. Was afraid it might be too dark. I like it...for now, at least.