November 6, 2010

Go Navy!

As many of you know we are a military family.
That's right.
And proud of it.

This is the family at our very first
Naval Academy Football Game.

Our dear friend for many years, Miss Mary,
treated the whole group to our first game.
Thanks Mary...we love you.

Hubby was very excited to have his personal
body warmers at his did get chilly but have no fear.
We did some serious huddling.

Mary, me and Madison

This is the part where the midshipmen marched on the field.
Very impressive, even for an old Navy wife like myself.

Brigade of midshipmen march on,
this is the whole lot.

Yes. If you look closely, that is the midshipmen doing uniform!
Tradition has it that after each touch down the midshipmen run to the
end zone and do as many push ups as there are points. That could get exhausting.

All in all it was a great night of great tradition, pride and a good time had by all.

Annapolis is a great city.
I recommend a visit even without a Navy tie.

As always thanks for visiting

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