November 26, 2010

What do you do on a full tummy?

We all have our traditions on Turkey Day.
We all do that thing we do year after year:

For some it's the family game of football in the backyard.
For others it watching those NFL games on the flatscreen.

For us, it's our annual,
after-dinner walk around the hood.

Here is team testosterone trying to steal a minute to catch the score.
Even Homer is hanging with the manly men.

We decided to take a stroll before the tryptofan really set in

That temp was a moderate mid 50's,
perfect for an afternoon jaunt.

Of course we couldn't pass up an opportunity
for our favorite family pose

Even Grammie and Pop pop joined in the fun.

What do you and YOUR family do on a full tummy
after the big meal on turkey day?

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