November 13, 2010

Dressing up your Sofas

Just like we wouldn't
use the same accessories in our wardrobe
year after year,
we shouldn't leave the same pillows on our sofa's
year after year.

Think about it.
We can be trendy, colorful or
seasonal just by what is dressing up our sofas.

My most recent purchase were three
textured pillows and one new tasseled throw.

Here is the before below:
Goodbye Spring...

The After:
Hello Winter Wonderland...

As you will notice, I tend to keep the larger pieces
of furniture in my home neutral.
I do this deliberately.

Now I can decide what I want to highlight in the room,
through pillows and throws.

Yes, that is the Christmas tree poking into the photo.
More on that later...

I wanted to layer on the white.
The pillows are actually a silk cream,
while the furnishings are
bright white cotton twill.
The throws are off-white knits.

This is the living room.

White on white:
Neatly folded cream throw with a contemporary shag pillow

Espresso brown leather sofa

How do you dress up your sofa?

As always, thanks for visiting...


  1. How do I dress up my sofa?!?! By copying yours girl! Came home with a plush cream throw and happen to have a chocolate couch. So now I'm off to get some pillow for updating. I CANNOT wait to keep going. Thanks Wendy!


  2. Oh, yeah! I'm so happy my little blog is paying it forward. Would love pictures!!!!!

    have fun with it :)


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