November 24, 2010

Ding Ding Ding Ding...Captain United States Navy Arriving

It was never our goal in the Navy to make it to Captain.

It was never our ambition to make it past that coveted 20-year mark.

The Navy life is not always an easy path,
especially for an active and involved family.

Having said that,
guess who just made it above and beyond all expectation?

That's my guy,
my man,
my partner.

My husband.

He leads our family.
He is an amazing provider.
He is respected and revered by me and my kids.

He is our strength and our foundation.
He is smart and humble.
He is a hard, hard worker.

He takes pride in his family and his profession.

I am the lucky one here.

We could not be more proud of him.

Here he is being sworn in.
I forget how formal it is at these promotion ceremonies.

One very important and busy man lead the ceremony,
who said a lot of wonderful things about my guy.

In fact, he not only said great things about my guy,
but great things about Navy life and those that support it.
I might have cried a little.

I knew this very important and busy man had a full schedule
yet he took the time to hang out with me,
my family and my husband
before the festivities
just to get to know us a little more.

All I know is that when you have two stars included in your rank,
you don't exactly have a lot of down time to chat with a bunch of common folk.
He made us feel honored, worthy and most welcomed.

Needless to say, I was more than impressed with all the words said,
the people involved and the care they all took of me,
my husband and our family during this ceremony.

Thank you to an amazing staff and their support for making all this happen!

It is customary for chosen loved ones to do the pinning of the
new collar devices (rank insignias) on the lapels.

Michael asked his parents and me to do the honors
while the girls looked on.

Here we are after it was all said and done.
Michael and his team estrogen.

I could not be more proud to stand beside him
in life and in his Navy career.

His most proud endeavor:
his three beautiful daughters.

Ted and Pat flew in for this special occasion...
all the way from chilly Langley, Washington.

Ted, a retired Navy Captain himself, was especially
honored to be there to witness the full circle he created.

Mary our treasured friend from our early Navy days,
wouldn't miss it.

The girls made Dad a homemade card.
They huddled around him as he read it.

The Navy has been a wild adventure for our family.
It is never dull and continues to sharpen us as a unit.

The Navy humbles us.
The Navy makes us appreciate the family we can not be with.
The Navy makes my family strong.

The adventure continues...

As always,
thank you

for visiting.


  1. Wendy, Great photos and great tribute. I loved reading all about it and the photos made it extra special. What a phenom family and phenom event. So proud of all of you. And btw, everyone looks fantastic!!!!

  2. Wendy, that was so beautiful and inspiring. Thank you to your WHOLE family for serving our country!
    Love from,

  3. Thanks, H. Slightly intimidated with the words, but it's all me. For better or for worse...

    G. Thanks so much. Your words fill me up!

  4. Oops. That was me, Wendy...not Madison.