November 7, 2010

My Pinkie Halloween

My girls on, perhaps, their last Halloween as trick or treaters.

I'm afraid this holiday is dwindling for the Brookes Family
as we once knew it.
It's true.
Gone are the days of pulling a red wagon full of tired kiddos and
handled pumpkin heads stuffed with candy.
Gone are the days of flashlights and grade school buddies
with parents lagging behind.

The girls are growing up on me.

This year, the girls went with each other
and some choice friends from the neighborhood.

One geisha girl and two pink ladies...
and no, they did not plan the coordinating colors.

I think we all had mixed emotions about the
sans parents evening.

Have no fear.
Cell phone was not far with
plenty of "check-in's"

Home by 8:15.
I can't complain.

I celebrate my girls growing up into mature, responsible young women.

I'm proud of their choices.

It's a good thing seeing them spread those wings.

As always, thanks for visiting.

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