January 15, 2010

Call Me Crazy

maybe these aren't antlers, but wood? Still like it...

skona hem

Found on another great website Pink Wallpaper

found this great image from one of my all time favorite sites,
desire to inspire

hooked on houses

Have you guessed it by now? Yes, antlers.

For some reason I am intrigued and inspired by the occasional antlers places in any sharp interior space.


Yes, I know.

But when you look at a great space with unique, three-dimensional antlers ever so cleverly place...you secretly want that look. Right?

Or is it just me?

Could you ever see yourself with an antler light fixture? Okay, maybe just antler candle holders placed just so on your coffee table? Or a whole steer head making it's presence above your bed?

Would love your thoughts...


  1. No, I hate them. Then again, I hate hunting and the antlers just remind me of hunting. Lots of deer hunting in this area. I'm guessing in San Diego, not so much?

  2. not so much at all, maybe that's why I'm enamored. already got a phone call from a friend nixing the antlers. Guess I'm alone on this one. LOVE the comments. Keep them coming.