February 25, 2010

Mini Money Makers...

The girls have banded together in the name of making their own money!

Work ethic.
Financial stability (ok, that one is a stretch at the ages of 12 and 13)

After brainstorming about how the girls could earn some extra spending money,
we decided to play on their strengths.

Pet Sitting.
House Sitting.

We decided to target just our surrounding townhouse complex.
That way, mom will be near in case anything coo coo arises.

We all pitched in for the words we will use. CHECK.

We picked out some bright colors and fun hanging tags. CHECK.

We tied it all together with twine for easy door knob access. CHECK.

There you have it.
We made 30 fliers,
just enough for our surrounding houses.

We will pass them out this weekend.

How's that for business minded, independent, soon-to-be women?

Love it.

When I was a kid, it was lemonade stands, neighborhood talent shows
and door to door "dancing" with scarves wrapped around the waist on roller skates.
Yes, Kelly Pietila and I actually got money for that.

Regardless, it was in my veins to think about my earning potential
and play into my strengths.

Hopefully my daughters have caught the bug.

How did you make money as a kid?
Love to hear stories...


  1. I love the tags and colored paper. What a great way for the girls to advertise their sitting services. This is adorable.

  2. Thank, Aunt Heathie. Had to rework those first photos (thanks). Madison's camera stinks so I'm off to Walmart for a cheap automatic one. Wish me luck.

    Can't blog with no cam cam.

  3. HI Wendy,

    Good luck w/their endeavor. Out of curiosity, do they get an allowance? If so, how much. Just gaging for AJ & Anna.

    Chat soon,

  4. Lisa,
    Thanks for your well wishes. As for allowance...not here. We explain that it takes a well oiled machine to run a household, thus...they are part of the team. We do offer additional tasks for them to do if they want to earn extra money (washing car, etc). The will use birthday money for any extras they might want as well.
    Good luck.

  5. Such a great idea! i wish l lived nearby. I could use 3 sisters sitting. :)
    I too was a babysitter. I started at age 11. I loved it and am still in contact with a lot of the kids I used to babysit. I attend their weddings and now baby showers. Yikes. I started my first "real" job at 15 at a mailing service center. But I kept on baby sitting--all the way through college. It was always my favorite job.
    Tell the girls good luck from me!