February 15, 2010

How did you celebrate?

Stay home and watch a romantic comedy while eating ice cream from the carton? Night out to your favorite restaurant with your Valentine? Exchange love notes and make your most tasty home cooked favorite?

We had lots of plans...but none of them happened...which isn't a bad thing around here.
Madison, my true crafter, stayed in, amid the snowball throwing and snowman building to make these for her sisters...
She also made an array of hand crafted cards to send to her friends, new and old (per the suggestion from Aunt Heather...thanks, Aunt Heathie).

She made this one, up top. I liked it so much I asked her if I could use it to give to daddy this year...She proudly obliged.

Our big date night had to get postponed. Mr. Brookes came home feeling more than a bit under the weather. He came home from work (yes, you work on Saturday when you are at the Pentagon) and went straight to bed for a 2 hour nap.

Even though Mr. Brookes was feeling crumby, he still brought home these...

At this point, I have a hard time wondering which I would prefer...

A romantic date with Mr. Brookes coupled with old friends in the heart of Old Town Alexandria eating a delicious shi shi meal.

Or bringing home Boston Market after two indoor soccer games (sans husband) only to crowd around our teeny kitchen table sharing our highlights of the day while passing out homemade Valentines.

Good thing I actually like my children at this point.

The girls even got their parents some trinkets for V-day.

Daddy got a whoppee cushion for hours of 13 year old fun.

Mommy got two awesome Frommer's guides, both of which I think I will find more useful than not.

Like I said, I do like my children and their company.

How did you celebrate? I love goofy stories and some even not so goofy.


  1. Love it! We enjoyed a relaxing day playing board games and watching movies. Normally I'm the one that makes cute things for the kids, but with them home I didn't hide in the closet to accomplish my task. Luckily, my sweet husband came through with cards,candy and a balloon for our celebration. My kids have their homemade valentine's cards all ready for school... hope they can still give them out whenever they go back!

  2. Thank you for sharing. I love hearing stories! Yours was especially endearing. When will these children go back to school, I ask???