February 10, 2010

Comfort Food and Competition

Remember that sunny snow covered porch I posted not too long ago? I was bragging about the beauty, the sun, the sight...well not any more. This is windy, cold and snowy weather. Day after snow day the girls are cooped up stuck behind a keyboard or LCD screen.

Well Mommy had to bring out the big guns...

Apple Vichyssoise Soup
(Pretty much apple, potato, leek soup...
simply delicious)
I got this recipe from a Real Simple Magazine
and have been making it for years.
The girls still love it...

Steamed Broccoli with garlic-basil mayo
(love hiding those Omega 3's into yummy meals)

A Brookes family favorite
Roasted Paprika Chicken
From Everyday Food Magazine

Mashed Potatoes
(I am still trying to perfect my mother's recipe...
one of the many things she is great at)

Tatum's new title of sous chef...
especially when it comes to peeling potatoes.

Another one of Mommy's helpers in the kitchen

Not a whole lot left over...bummer.

Now onto the competition...
Any Quelf lover's out there?
If you haven't already been turned on to this fabulous
family game...put your seat belts on. It's a crazy ride.

Tatum, while wearing a bike helmet, reads her next action card
(yes, she had to wear that most of the game)

Daddy trying to do the splits...
you guessed it, another action card.

Tess reads her card...I think she had to lick her elbow on that one.

Yes, that is the exciting life we lead behind these veils of snow and blizzards abound.

Call me crazy but I eat this stuff up
(pardon the pun)...

What do you do when stuck indoors for days on end?


  1. HI Wendy,

    Enjoying your blog. Missing San Diego yet? Hey, would you mind posting that Roasted Paprika Chicken recipe?

    Chat soon,

  2. HI Wendy,

    Forgot to mention, you should give Apples to Apples a try. It's a fun family game. We're playing the kids' version as Anna's only 6 but a fun, easy game.

    Chat soon,

  3. Lisa,
    Thanks for your great comments. Glad you are visiting the blog. Good distraction from the weather. Yes, we LOVE apples to apples. We've even graduated to the adult version! Imagine that. I will post the roasted paprika chicken recipe. Did the link not take you there? SOrry...still learning my way around.
    Take care. Thanks again.

  4. Brrrr! I'm sure that yummy chicken warmed you up. I still make that chicken too since you gave me the recipe years ago. Yummy!!
    That's awesome you're making the most of your cold days. Looks like fun!
    Miss you buddy!

  5. Paprika Chicken is the best! We are thinking of you guys in the snow. I know that it can be grueling to be stuck inside for days. I just heard on the news that it is now mandatory to stay off the roads. stay warm.

  6. I love these pictures. They are cracking me up. We have been stuck in the house because of lots of rain, and being sick.
    We do dance parties. They're not embarrassed of my dancing yet!