June 19, 2011

Happy Dad's Day

this is the day to honor dad's.

my dad:

i got lucky in this department.

my dad showed me love
filled me with confidence
and raised me to be an independent thinker

i cherish the times when i would
earn two cents a minute
massaging his back

or putting endless boop-boops
in his permed hair

or when he'd let me accompany him
on his guitar
as we
serenaded each other
with duets.

funny, we gals.
no matter how
old we are,
we'll always be
our daddy's little girl.

love you, dad.


pop pop,
you are solid as a rock, you are.

thank you for modeling for my husband on how to
knock someone's socks off
simply with the written word.

thanks for letting me call you
in moments of panic
only to dole out sound, calm advice.

thank you for leaving a legacy of espn reports:
religious phone calls
each and every week
asking for team brookes sports reports
now eagerly awaited.

you always seem to know
who scored the last goal, or
the PR of the last 1600 that
was waiting to be broken.

you are a good man, pop pop
and an even better role model

happy dad's day.

mr. man:

how did i ever know
he would turn out to be
such an incredible dad.

the guy who changed diapers in the
middle of the night so i could get an extra wink.

the guy who has always taken care of the
laundry and yes, delivered it folded.

the quiet guy who always seems to
say the best stuff when emotions are running
high on team estrogen.

the guy who has undying patience when
it comes to being the homework guru.

our hero of the century
making us proud of his undying service
to his family and his country.

love you to no end, honey.


  1. WEndy you always amaze me with your words! :)

  2. thanks for the kind words. would love to see your profile and say hello.
    glad you stopped by by. see you next time.

  3. so so lovely. we all have tears in our eyes thanks to your gracious words. ox