June 7, 2011

Operation Home Breakdown

sad but true

brookes fam
is packing it in

we are officially 2 weeks from
packer haven

this is when
operation breakdown

gets started around here.

it's weird seeing your stuff all
stacked up
not as pretty

this is the cute two-seater loveseat
sans the slipcover i made

double icko

looks way better here
last winter

bu bye wall hangings

my wall looks so lonely now

took my white board out of the laundry room
threw it on the kitchen.
it now represents
my ever growing list of things that
need to be done.

don't mind my fuzzy camera
that happens sometimes.

any of you out there in blog land
do many moves?

tell me what else i need to remember?
break down?
pack up?

tips anyone?

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