June 20, 2011

versatile blogger award

so humbled.

the most wonderful and talented
over at
my house, my garden
listed my little old bloggie
as one of her picks for the
versatile blogger award.


this is me,
bowing my head
"i'm not worthy,
i'm not worthy."

so grateful that i actually have a single reader,
let alone someone who would
actually nominate me for something in blog land.

so what is this all about?

i'll tell ya:

after a thorough thanking of
my house, my garden

step one involves revealing 7 facts about
myself that most don't know.

had to rack my brain
with this one.

here goes nothing...

fact number one:
been married twice.

to the same handsome chap,
aka: mr. man.

county courthouse number one

shin dig on the water with lots of witnesses
number two.

fact number two:
i grew up secretly thinking
i could do anything.

i might still think that
at times.

fact number three:
i often wake my sleeping husband
in the wee hours of the evening
notifying him of the intruders i see lurking
behind plants and chair cushions.

there has never been an intruder...

i'm also a sleep talker.

fact number four:
my running speed
my walking speed
are indistinguishable.

both lightening fast...

fact number five:
i am an official
certified scuba diver.

i just have yet to go
on my first dive since 1991
when i got my padi card.

fact number six:
i requested going on a
caribbean cruise for our
but forgot i am sea sick queen.

discovered that one while still docked
in florida.

enter dramamine...

fact number seven:
listening to someone floss
is my greatest pet peeve of all time.

sorry pop pop,
aunt heathie,
must be a brookes thang.

did you learn anything new about
mrs brookes?

let's continue...
now i get to nominate
a few of my fave bloggers.

mi casa
mrs. jones

so if you haven't already
checked out these bad boys,
you are in for a big treat.

grab a cup o joe,
stay awhile and
even tell 'em i sent ya.

thanks for indulging me.


  1. You are worthy!! You also need to get the funniest woman blog award. I loved hearing these things about you! I have been married 2 times and I wish I could say it was to the same person! That's another story. :)
    xoxo Vikki

  2. Congrats. Wendy! Way to go and thanks for the nomination!